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 September 2023

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Quantum Computing

Quantum computing could radically alter our very understanding of the world around us and beyond. It’s power and potential are difficult to overstate. A new Citi GPS report explores quantum computing’s potential advantages over classical computing. And it looks at which industries are likely to be impacted as the technology comes of age. Read it here.

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China’s Policymakers Respond as Property Challenges Continue

A recent report from Citi Research’s Griffin Chan looks at how China’s property supply chain could rebound from its current situation on the back of more supportive policies, as well as how long a pickup may take to develop. The report also delves into the sectors that make up that supply chain. Read it here.


AI Time: AI Assistants Are Coming For You

As digital assistant technology gets better, and as AI’s full impact on it is realized, how much more help might we need? We think the answer is a lot and that digital assistants will play an increasingly central role in our lives across a range of uses. Watch it here.


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Good Things Happen E4: Bringing Solar Power to African Communities

This episode highlights the collaboration between Sun King and Citi to drive social impact and expand access to essential services. The conversation covers ground including the transformative power of renewable energy and efforts being made to create a more sustainable and inclusive future. Listen to it here.

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Run the River 2023
September 19, 2023, London

For the tenth year, Citi is backing Teach First, a charity dedicated to improving the life chances and choices for disadvantaged children. Show your support this September at Run the River.
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