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Natural Gas
Much of the focus on the Energy Transition has been on how quickly renewables could take over, but reducing emissions from hard-to-abate sectors and places complicates the outlook. In this context, is natural gas a transition fuel, a soon-to-be stranded asset, or is it an energy source that could be part of the Energy Transition?

Citi’s Strategic Refresh
CEO Jane Fraser joined CNBC’s “Closing Bell” with Wilfred Frost and Sara Eisen to discuss her early days as CEO, Citi’s first quarter earnings, recent strategic actions in the Global Consumer Bank and the global economy's macro outlook.


IESE and CEPR Report: The Resilience of the Financial System to Natural Disasters
How resilient is the financial system to natural disasters? How can it strengthen its defenses? These questions underpin a comprehensive new IESE report, published by CEPR and supported by Citi, describing how central bank policy could be reimagined to tackle climate risks, examining the role asset managers have to play and suggesting how mitigation could be a potent form of preemptive damage limitation.

Around the World With Citi: Shanghai
Originally a fishing village, Shanghai represents the modern part of China. Venessa Xu, China Corporate and Public Sector Sales Head, shows us how Shanghai is the country’s economic and financial center.


Choice, Convenience And Speed Are Table Stakes In Today’s Payments Landscape
Shahmir Khaliq, global head of Treasury and Trade Solutions for Citi, says that in order to succeed in today's quickly digitizing payments landscape, merchants must focus on delivering in three key areas: choice, convenience, and speed. Find out why in The Connected Economy’s Power Source – CEO Edition.

Getting to Know Crown Agents
Crown Agents helps 36 million people in 60 countries live better and safer lives. Citi Commercial Bank proudly serves Crown Agents and is inspired by their extraordinary work.


In this new GPS report, Technology at Work v6.0, the team looks at how digital acceleration during the pandemic could drive a shift in the economy from post-industrial to post-production due to increased automation and offshoring risk for the services sector, similar to what’s already happened in the manufacturing sector. We argue that governments and policymakers need to boost innovation and new job creation to offset production tasks that are offshored and automated away. The focus should be on skills that foster innovation and exploration to drive employment in areas focusing on the early stages of the technology lifecycle.


Citi’s work advising Gavi on their COVAX facility
BCMA Vice Chairman Jay Collins, recently appeared on Bloomberg TV to discuss Citi’s work advising Gavi on their COVAX facility amidst the ongoing surge of the COVID pandemic in select geographies.


Bringing Citi's ESG Mission to Life
Our ESG agenda at Citi is a central part of our mission of enabling growth and progress around the world. We are pleased to bring together sovereigns and corporates, investors, investment managers, leading technology innovators and other financial industry participants for our second annual Sustainability and ESG virtual conference.


Hard to Abate Sectors
Jason Channell and Liz Curmi of Citi Global Insights discuss their GPS report on hard to abate sectors like steel and cement—examining the vital progress being made, and some of the obstacles that remain on the drive to net zero.


Inside M&A: A podcast series with insights on current M&A activity levels, key themes, market drivers and the outlook
In this episode focused on the European M&A landscape, Cary Kochman and Mark Shafir, Citi’s Co-Heads of Global Mergers & Acquisitions, engage in a conversation with Luigi De Vecchi, Chairman of EMEA Banking, Capital Markets & Advisory, and Alison Harding-Jones, Head of EMEA Mergers & Acquisitions and Vice Chairman of EMEA Banking, Capital Markets & Advisory.


The Changing Landscape of Impact Investing
The force of technological advances and changing societal values are driving impact investing in a powerful way. A more precise measurement of impact will result in greater transparency. And in the future, companies will be held accountable for the impact they make – whether it’s positive or negative. Sir Ronald Cohen, known as the godfather of impact investing, spoke on this cultural transformation at Citi’s recent conference on Sustainability, ESG & Alpha.


Hosting Our Sustainability Conference is Just One Step Toward Achieving Net Zero
Climate change is already impacting our daily lives and creating an imperative that we address this challenge now with our best thinking and resources. Transitioning to a net zero global economy by 2050, which is a goal to which we are committed as a founding signatory of the Net Zero Banking Alliance (NZBA), will not be easy for us. Nor will it be for our clients who are looking to do the same.
Women’s Wealth Grows, Private Banks Respond
The global head of Citi Private Bank, Ida Liu, has a message for women who dream of being private bankers: Do it. “I really believe our field is a nurturing environment for women,” she says. “Half of our team is female.”
Global Banks Preparing to Leverage SWIFT’s New Platform for International Payments Flows
Numerous global banks will endorse the new SWIFT platform set for launch in November 2022 allowing instant and frictionless end-to-end transaction management.
Citi Appoints Elms To Lead Sales For Treasury And Trade Solutions
Citi has named Steve Elms as the new Treasury and Trade Solutions (TTS) sales head for corporate, commercial and public sector clients, according to an internal memo, which notes that the appointment is effective immediately.
Around the world
with Citi
Accesses the best elements of our global conversation and harvests the thought leadership of a wide range of senior professionals both across the firm and across various academic institutions.
Cryptocurrency Consumes a Lot of Energy
As highlighted by Citi’s commodities strategist Aakash Doshi in a recent report, growth in cryptocurrency and digital investments has accelerated dramatically over the past year. Not only has investment increased, but so has the industry’s energy consumption. It now surpasses the energy use of several medium-sized economies. We explore the ramifications, especially as relates to the environmental costs.
Citi Selected as Financial Advisor to Gavi, The Vaccine Alliance’s COVAX Facility
The COVAX Facility is part of COVAX, a global, multilateral initiative aimed at developing, manufacturing and deploying COVID-19 vaccines on a fair and equitable basis.
Companies can harness technology to create a more inclusive society
The Covid-19 pandemic ushered in a golden era of technology, but companies must consider the full social, economic and ethical implications of digitalisation, said experts during a recent session at Imperial College Business School’s sixth annual conference Leading Responsibly in a World Moving through Crisis.
Inflation, equities and the ghost of the 1970s
Inflation is on the rise almost everywhere. US CPI hit its highest level since 2008 in April driven in part by economic reopening and supply chain disruptions. Some are even raising the specter of the 1970s and 1980s when inflation averaged 8%-12% across the globe. Against this backdrop, Citi’s Robert Buckland poses an interesting question: Do equities offer a hedge against inflation?
Around the World with Citi: Abu Dhabi
Travel with us as we explore a variety of global conversations and harvest the thought leadership from a wide range of senior professionals both across the firm and from across various academic institutions.
US Capex on the Comeback Trail
Citi’s latest review of the 2021 capex intentions of nearly 750 US publicly-traded nonfinancial companies showed further improvement, indicating a willingness to buy capital goods despite higher stock prices. We highlight the standout findings from the survey.
The Digital Transformation in IT and Business Process Outsourcing Services
In their recent deep-dive report, Citi’s Ashwin Shirvaikar and the global IT Services Research team explore the digital transformation mega-trend within IT and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Services. The team hosted or participated in 20+ events to discuss this trend with companies, industry experts, consultants, and private equity investors. We summarize their key findings – focusing on talent-related risks, the work-from-home trend, and ESG.
Citi, As One with Clients & Partners
Digital Payments
Progressing As One - Look through the lens of our Markets & Security Services and Treasury Trade Solutions teams who work as one to apply technology to better serve clients with cross-border payment services.