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Global Supply Chains
The Complicated Road Back to "Normal". It feels that the pandemic has made changes to just about everything in daily life. Not only have our routines changed, but we have also been put on a steep learning curve of new concepts.


Global Carbon Credits Ready for Take-Off
The market for carbon credits has grown steadily in recent years. Now it looks poised for a period of rapid expansion as companies embrace carbon offsetting in huge numbers. A new report by Citi’s Francesco Martoccia takes a deeper look at the market’s fundamentals and potential.


Wearable Technology Series
The age of wearable technology is upon us. Through three new reports Citi Global Insights presents a detailed look into the world of wearables, surveying the global landscape, highlighting important trends, diving deep into the convergence of consumer and clinical devices and examining key points of innovation in the space and the companies driving it.


Education - Learning for Life
The topic of the skills gap and how it is addressed is of critical importance, especially in the current environment where tightness in the labor market, coupled with the ever-present threats posed by automation, are having real world impacts on lives around the world. Although a lot of stakeholders are impacted by this phenomenon, the focus of this report is on the role played by enterprises — i.e., large companies — in identifying the skills of the future and equipping their employees with the tools they need to survive and thrive in a world beset by change.

Citi Launches New Tech Hub in Bahrain
Citi has launched a new technology hub in Bahrain as part of a long-term strategic partnership with Tamkeen and the Bahrain Economic Development Board (EDB), with the aim of creating 1,000 coding jobs over the next ten years.

Sustainable Tipping Points: The Net Zero Club
Many businesses have promised to reduce their greenhouse-gas emissions to net zero, but the promises with the most impact include not just a business's own activities but also those of its entire supply and distribution network. When suppliers lack their own net zero targets, a company faces tough choices: offset those emissions, or look for a new arrangement. As more businesses make these decisions, we're beginning to see the creation of a net zero club. Members of this club are likely to be seen as part of the climate-change solution, while those on the outside risk being viewed as part of the problem. Jason Channell, Head of Sustainable Finance at Citi Global Insights, guides us through these and other topics from his report Sustainable Tipping Points: The ‘net zero club’—when sustainability meets margins & supply chains.


China’s Production Play
The resilience of China’s industrial system and supply chains has been on full display through the pandemic, arresting the move of supply out of China that was gathering pace before coronavirus hit. A new report from Citi Research’s Xiaowen Jin suggests that strength could endure, not least because of the huge cost of rebuilding battered supply chains elsewhere.


Home of the Future
One of the largest carbon-emitting industries is the building sector. Building construction and operations accounted for 39% of global CO2 emissions in 2017, with operational carbon (i.e., the amount of carbon emitted during the daily use and maintenance of a home) accounting for 28% of total CO2 emissions. As we look for ways to decarbonize the planet, what if we could build a net zero emissions home?


Global Carbon Markets- Solving the emissions crisis before time runs out
The focus on emissions and climate change is likely to reach new heights this November with the advent of the UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) in Glasgow. But while we might all be aware of the big picture, the rise of “net zero,” and the many climate acronyms popping up daily, do we really know where we are now, what the current plans in place — if delivered upon — would achieve, and what the plan to get to net zero actually is?


Philanthropy and the Global Economy
Philanthropy, and within it the broad impact of foundations, charities, and the voluntary sector, are important but not widely understood contributors to the global economy.


Bringing Citi's ESG Mission to Life
Our ESG agenda at Citi is a central part of our mission of enabling growth and progress around the world. We are pleased to bring together sovereigns and corporates, investors, investment managers, leading technology innovators and other financial industry participants for our second annual Sustainability and ESG virtual conference.


Citi Named World's Best Digital Bank 2021 by Global Finance Magazine
Citi has been named the World's Best Digital Bank by Global Finance magazine for the 20th consecutive year.
Citi to Hire 100 People in Push Into Digital Assets
Citigroup Inc. is looking to hire 100 people as part of a new push into digital assets inside its institutional business, according to a person familiar with the matter.
Citi’s Annual e for education Campaign Raises $9.6 Million
Since its inception in 2013, the global philanthropic initiative has raised over $56 million to help tackle childhood illiteracy and improve access to quality education.
Citi Announces $1 Billion Social Finance Bond Offering to Advance Social Initiatives Globally
Proceeds to expand access to financial services, affordable housing, healthcare and education to support Citi’s $1 trillion sustainable finance commitment by 2030 Citi to expand access to essential services for 15 million households, including 10 million women, globally by 2025
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Is the Global Economy Approaching a Fiscal Cliff?
With fiscal policy set to tighten in the next year in advanced and emerging economies, discussion is growing about the possibility of a looming fiscal cliff for the global economy. A new report from Citi’s Research Economist Igor Cesarec, summarized here, takes a nuanced view—pointing to sizable spending plans in the pipeline in several large economies, with robust tax revenues opening up the possibility of additional spending without jeopardizing fiscal space.
Smart Cars: Tech’s Next Big Driver
Smart cars are set to have a transformative impact on the global tech sector in the coming years. A new report by Citi Research’s Arthur Lai, summarized here, offers an in-depth look at the possibilities and pitfalls for this burgeoning business.
US Capex on the Comeback Trail
Citi’s latest review of the 2021 capex intentions of nearly 750 US publicly-traded nonfinancial companies showed further improvement, indicating a willingness to buy capital goods despite higher stock prices. We highlight the standout findings from the survey.
On the Question of Wealth Inequality
Global wealth inequality is rising and policy makers in the East and West are trying to respond. In a new report, summarized here, Citi Research’s David Lubin takes a closer look at the latest turns in a debate that cuts to the heart of societal change.
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