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SPACE: The Dawn of a New Age
Today’s generation is at the forefront of a new space era — one that will be far-reaching, inclusive, and potentially more disruptive. We have finally come to a stage where the dreams around space from childhood are turning into reality. Space tourism could really become more accessible to the average person. Mining on the Moon or on an asteroid is seriously being considered. And powering the Earth with solar power collected from satellites is on the horizon.


Good Things Happen Episode 3: Innovation
“Innovation” can sometimes feel like an overused buzzword favored by the likes of startups. But more and more, multinational companies are infusing their organizations with teams focused on looking ahead  to solve the biggest problems facing their industries. But how do companies with offices around the  world and a workforce that numbers in tens of thousands take a nimble approach and embrace a startup mindset?

Earth Day 2022
To celebrate Earth Day 2022, Citi colleagues Keith Tuffley, Co-Head of Sustainability & Corporate Transitions, and Victoria Monreal Vela, Sustainability & Corporate Transitions Analyst, spoke with Robert Swan, Record Breaking Polar Explorer and Environmental Campaigner. As the first person to walk both the North and South Poles, Robert has been traveling to Antarctica for over 30 years and has seen huge changes over this time period, including seeing it rain for the first time in the Antarctic. Listen here as Keith and Victoria discuss with Robert the role that Citi plays in helping to address climate change and the journey to net zero.


Mapping Innovation: How to Compare Size, Growth and Opportunity
Innovation is everywhere. As such, it can be challenging to know how to measure one innovation with another. How do you compare the size of opportunity across a range of innovations? A new report by Adam Spielman from Citi Global Insights, offers a novel way to help sift through innovations, offering an invaluable framework for comparison.


Women Entrepreneurs: Catalyzing Growth, Innovation, and Equality
Demonstrating and championing the economic case for gender equality in the global workplace has been a consistent feature of the Citi GPS series over many years. In this new report, we have turned our attention to advocating the business case for supporting women entrepreneurs to start and grow businesses. As the world seeks to build back from the pandemic, transition to a low carbon economy, and achieve the potential of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, we believe that building a gender-balanced playing field for entrepreneurs is critical. Supporting women entrepreneurs and women-led businesses is not just the right thing to do socially, it is one of the smartest things that governments, corporations, and the finance community could do economically.


With Growing Global Reach of eGames, Developers, Publishers, and Distributors Increasingly Need Cross-border, Multi-currency Payments Tools
The already massive global gaming market continues to expand in part due to COVID-19 with increased engagement, and a shift toward content creation via streaming and direct viewer interaction. This trend is driving greater mainstream visibility and a resurgence in gaming popularity. According to a report, the global gaming market generated approximately 178 billion U.S. dollars in revenues in 2020, which translates to 23.1 percent growth compared to 2019.


Eurozone Wage Growth Set to Pick Up
In a new note, Citi Research’s Giada Giani argues that wage growth in the Eurozone is likely to pick up substantially over the next couple of years, almost irrespective of the true tightness of the labour market. The acceleration could be enough to give a hawkish-leaning ECB an excuse to start hiking interest rates.


Investing for Outcomes: Why Impact Is Relevant Beyond Impact Investing
The recent flow of funds into ESG0-type financial products has prompted investors beyond the impact investing space to consider impact and try and understand its boundaries. Impact investing goes beyond ESG investing as the investment must not only target impactful activities, but also be impactful in and of itself. This sounds simple, but there is a big debate on how to measure impact as well as the ways in which an investment can be impactful.


Global Art Market Disruptions: Pushing the Boundaries
The COVID-19 pandemic has been a catalyst for rapid change in the art market. With galleries forced to close their doors, international art fairs postponed, and major auctions delayed, the art world quickly needed to adapt. In our 2020 Citi GPS report The Global Art Market and COVID-19, we highlighted how the industry was adept in shifting to the digital world, with leading auction houses conducting virtual auctions, and art fairs going online and creating new kinds of experiences for attendees. Coming from behind the curve on digital, this belated shift increased transparency in pricing and attracted Millennials who were more comfortable buying art online.

Investor Day 2022
Citi’s senior leadership team outlined the firm’s strategy, progress over the last year and path forward


Eliminating Poverty: The Importance of a Multidimensional Approach in Tackling SDG 1
The first of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) is to end poverty. While one of the benefits of globalization over the past 30 years has been the reduction in absolute rates of poverty worldwide, poverty is often still simply measured in terms of income levels. Yet poverty is multifaceted and reflects more than a deficiency of income and productive resources. It encompasses economic, social, cultural, and political elements and is inherently interwoven with a lack of fundamental human rights. According to the UN, its manifestations include hunger and malnutrition, inequality, social discrimination and exclusion, deprivation, inadequate access to education and basic services, as well as lack of participation in decision-making. To make progress towards poverty reduction, we need to consider ways to mobilize more investors and businesses to adopt this goal.


Leisure and the Lure of the Great Outdoors
In a deep-dive report, Citi Research’s US Leisure analyst, James Hardiman, looks at some of the big themes shaping the leisure industry as it emerges into a post-pandemic world.


Global Supply Chains: The Complicated Road Back to “Normal”
It feels that the pandemic has made changes to just about everything in daily life. Not only have our routines changed, but we have also been put on a steep learning curve of new concepts. First, there was a need to get up to speed on disease prevention (e.g., transmission rates, viral loads, and how mRNA vaccines worked) as well as hospital capacity. As we shifted from commuting to offices and schools to working and learning remotely, we needed to get up to speed on home technology and remote applications. Lockdowns and quarantine orders meant the hunt for basic goods such as toilet paper and cleaning supplies became challenging, and suddenly economics and supply chain disruptions became part of our daily news feed.


Citi Global co-head of banking details 'robust pipeline for M&A'
Citi Global co-head of banking Tyler Dickson joins Yahoo Finance Live from the 2022 Milken Institute Global Conference to discuss global M&A activity levels, market volatility, regulatory scrutiny, interest rates, inflation, and what to expect from the Fed’s upcoming FOMC meeting.
Citi’s plans for its $1 billion tech budget in corporate banking
Citi is stepping up technology spending on its corporate banking side to $1 billion, 40% more than its 2020 expenditures.
Crowdz Secures $10M Investment, Led by Citi and Global Cleantech Capital
Crowdz and Citi plan to collaborate to give small and medium enterprises (SMEs) rapid and efficient access to the working capital needed to keep their businesses running.
On Earth Day, Reflecting On Our Path To Net Zero
Earlier this month the IPCC released an important report, Mitigation of Climate Change, which reinforced the urgency of international cooperation and mobilizing financial resources to achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement. With that in mind, today I'm reflecting on what climate science is telling us, the important milestones from the past year, and how we plan to move forward to address the climate crisis on the road to net zero.
Citi, As One with Clients & Partners
Around the World With Citi: Kuala Lumpur
A unique, diverse city full of character and personality, Kuala Lumpur has been an important part of Citi’s Malaysian history for over 60 years. Watch video here:


Frontier Markets Symposium
May 16 - 18, 2022 | 08:00 UK - 17:00 UK
Citi is delighted to host our 11th Annual Virtual Frontier Markets Symposium 2022 which will take place virtually from Monday 16 – Wednesday 18 May 2022.


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