01 Feb 2021

The Role of Finance and Treasury in ESG: Opportunity for Value Creation in a Rapidly Changing World

Treasury & Trade Solutions
Contributor(s): Michael Guralnick(Global Head, Marketing, Proposals, Intellectual Capital Management & Digital Client Advisory, Treasury and Trade Solutions), Swati Mitra(Global Practice Lead, Digital Client Advisory, Treasury and Trade Solutions)
In a climate of global disruption, which the world has not seen in decades — many companies around the globe are re-evaluating their business models and strategic priorities.

For forward-thinking companies, adopting sustainable practices is proving attractive because they are generally more resilient to shocks, more financially robust, and exhibit greater long-term growth potential.  Environmental, social and governance (ESG) agendas are fast becoming a way of demonstrating a company’s value and potential. 

During this period of rapid change, finance and treasury organizations should embrace the opportunity to play a more strategic role in pursuing initiatives related to ESG. An acceleration of digitization initiatives, along with the post COVID-19 implications for supply chains, workforce and corporate culture, is creating an environment where ESG will become an even more important consideration.


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