22 Sep 2021

Family Office Survey 2021

Private Bank
Get a view into the thinking of some of the world’s most sophisticated family office executives and other leading investors.

Over the past six years, we have had the opportunity to work closely with many of the world’s sophisticated family office executives and principals, who have been generous with their time to share their unique perspectives and insights as part of the Family Office Leadership Program as well as via concurrent surveys. Their insights have proven to be a bellwether for investing sentiment as well as a guide to evaluate performance and strategy versus their cohorts. This year, we were excited to see an increase of 11% in the total number of respondents, bringing it to nearly 200, of which, 156 self-identified as family offices.

There were four predominant themes worth mentioning following a close review of the responses:

• Concern on rising Inflation topped the list of worries over the next 12 months with nearly 30% indicating that to be at the top of their concerns (see Page 4).

• High cash levels in the face of low-yield environment with 32% of family offices holding over 20% in cash and highly liquid assets (see Page 4).

• Continued growth in portfolio allocation to direct investing opportunities with 44% of family offices allocating over 25% of their portfolio (see Page 6). 

• A remarkable comeback in portfolio values year over year in a period of high degree of uncertainty with over half reporting an increase greater than 10%; a far cry from last year where only 3% reported similar gains (see Page 8).


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