10 Sep 2021

Are NFTs the Future of the Art Market?

Global Insights
Citi hosted Nanne Dekking, CEO of Artory to discuss the Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs), blockchain and the art market.

Key points discussed on the call include:

  1. What are NFTs? How do they work? How can blockchain be used in art?
  2. How have traditional auction houses responded to the advent of NFTs?
  3. How do NFTs help protect buyers and empower content creators?
  4. How far can we use NFTs in the real world (e.g., jewellery, real estate, classic cars)? What are the other use-cases?
  5. What are some of the risks while using NFTs? How can buyers protect themselves?
  6. What are the energy consumption aspects associated with blockchain and NFTs?
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