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Video28 Jul 2022

Matthew Ball on Metaverse: Interview

Matthew Ball, author of recently released book "The Metaverse And How It Will Revolutionize Everything" defines Metaverse as a 3D internet.

Matthew expects internet users to spend significant share of their lives in the Metaverse for work, leisure, etc. and the use-cases could go beyond gaming to include manufacturing, digital twins, education, etc. Matthew believes the envisioned Metaverse poses significant networking, computational and hardware limitations and will probably take a long time to see mass adoption, similar to the mobile internet adoption curve. The envisioned Metaverse needs extremely low latencv to deliver new render every 40-50ms, high computational power to engage more sensors and user-friendly hardware interface which is lightweight, has enough sensors and battery life. Matthew emphasizes the need to separate the concept of Web3/Decentralization from the 3D real-time virtual world aka the Metaverse, as the former is not a “strict requirement" to build/run the latter.

For more information on this subject, please see Metaverse and Money: Decrypting the Future.


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