01 Jan 2022

Wearable Technology Series

Global Insights
The age of wearable technology is upon us. Through three new reports Citi Global Insights presents a detailed look into the world of wearables, surveying the global landscape, highlighting important trends, diving deep into the convergence of consumer and clinical devices and examining key points of innovation in the space and the companies driving it.


Wearable Technology: The Future is On Us

  • The wearable tech sector is in a sweet spot given its touchpoints to several globally resonant themes, including digitization, the rise of big data and a renewed focus on health and wellness triggered by the coronavirus pandemic.
  • Capital raising and deal volumes have been buoyant. Citi Global Insights looks at future prospects, including the possibility of a wave of consolidation around best-in-class technology and data. Potential barriers exist too, including battery life and cellular connectivity.  
  • Use cases for wearable devices abound. From tracking pets and elderly relatives to contact lenses that show the talking points for a presentation without the need for notes. And from powered exoskeletons that can help humans carry heavier loads than humanly possible to smart rings revolutionising payments, wearables are everywhere.
  • Please see the full report, dated 17 December 2021, by Citi Global Insight’s Robert Garlick here: WEARABLE TECHNOLOGY.


The Convergence of Consumer and Clinical Grade Wearables

  • The distinction between consumer and clinical-grade wearables is blurring. As consumer wearables provide ever more medical data, we think that they will play an important part in a rapidly evolving medical ecosystem. They reach hundreds of millions of people, addressing conditions that the system currently misses.
  • But medicalized wearables will also draw the biggest tech companies further into health, each in their own way, and also raise issues around privacy and health inequalities.
  • This report includes deep dives on hearing aids and on blood pressure and glucose monitoring. In each area, consumer wearables are set to make a big difference to many millions, potentially accelerating sales and margins in the process.
  • Please see the full report, dated 14 December 2021, by Citi Global Insight’s Adam Spielman here: MEDICAL AND CONSUMER WEARABLES.


                                 Citi Global Data Insights: Wearables

  • Citi Global Data Insights identified more than 1,100 companies—public and private—with exposure to wearables, using cutting-edge machine learning and AI techniques. This list could serve as a valuable tool for investors wanting to gain exposure. For more information, please see here for the full December 2021 report by Citi Global Insight’s Helen Krause.



Citi Global Insights (CGI) is Citi’s premier non-independent thought leadership curation. It is not investment research; however, it may contain thematic content previously expressed in an Independent Research report. For the full CGI disclosure, click here.

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