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Our Solutions for Industrials Companies

Shifting global dynamics within the Industrials space have put pressure on supply chains, increased the complexity of global payment acceptance and administration, and heightened the importance of protection for your products in transit. As a result, the terms and format of payments to your counterparties will matter more than ever. You’ll need to keep a close eye on the liquidity implications of the timing of those payments, balancing the need for stabilizing your supply chain with your need for working capital benefits. And if you are doing business internationally, there may be foreign exchange transactions involved when you are buying raw materials or receiving payment for products in foreign currencies.

Citi Commercial Bank has extensive experience helping with these key challenges facing the Industrials sector. By providing automation solutions and a centralized control structure, we can help you simplify your payment operations, optimize your trade flows, and mitigate the risk of currency fluctuations, so that you can spend less time worrying about your banking, and more time delivering your products to the world.

Common objectives of Industrials companies that we can help you achieve:

Many industrials companies are looking for ways to free up precious liquidity. We have a variety of working capital solutions that can optimize your incoming and outgoing flows, or invest the cash you have on hand, to give your working capital a boost
You’ll need to be able to finance large capital expenditures and other investments as you grow your operations. We can help you find a capital structure that works best for your expansion needs
Buying and selling products in foreign markets using local currencies, understanding country requirements for payments and receivables, and navigating market dynamics in the investing country or trade counterparty’s country can be challenging. We’ll help you address these complexities and find efficient solutions
In addition to helping you improve your liquidity with supply chain financing, we can also streamline your trade flows by simplifying them and digitizing them, so that you spend less time on paperwork and more time on running your business
If you’re operating internationally or exposed to certain interest rate risks, our risk management solutions can help you mitigate the impact of fluctuations and streamline your operations
Equally important for a rapidly growing early stage company or a mature market leader that is looking to simplify, the ability to find a one stop shop for your banking is critical. We’ll give you centralized visibility into and control over all of your banking globally
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