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Video17 Sep 2021

How Citi Commercial Bank Helps Mid-Sized Companies Grow

As mid-sized companies grow rapidly and expand internationally, they run into several challenges to their financial flow. Without the right solutions, banking will be an inhibitor of growth rather than an enabler of their progress. We have over 200 years of experience guiding clients from a wide variety of industries through their growth journeys; learn more about how we can help. When growth accelerates, the once simple process of collecting money, making payments, and managing those inflows and outflows becomes increasingly difficult.

Many mid-sized companies end up working with multiple banking providers to address their growing needs, especially as they run into bank network limitations or government regulations, which leads to more time spent simply connecting with their various banks. Funding requirements also become more significant, and companies need to choose the right option from the multitude available – each with their own benefits and considerations. This combination of challenges means that many organizations spend more time on their banking than on their mission. We can help make sure that doesn’t happen. Watch the video above to learn how.



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