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Our Solutions for Healthcare Companies

The rapidly evolving healthcare industry is forcing many companies into a difficult situation: disrupt or be disrupted. Regardless of your exact product or service, with advancements in wearable technology and telehealth, the consumerization of healthcare, and revolutions in surgery and pharmaceuticals, your competitive environment is almost certainly changing around you every day, and you no longer have the luxury of maintaining the status quo.

The same is true of your banking. If it isn’t set up to be scalable, or is hindered by a series of providers or correspondent banking arrangements, you could run into challenges at every turn, with your banking serving as an obstacle rather than an enabler. Citi understands this pressure to constantly adapt, as we’ve supported the growth cycle of many preeminent healthcare companies for decades. We can help you find efficiencies with your treasury through automation, or enable you to integrate seamlessly with us, so that you can spend less time on your payments and receivables, and more time developing the next life-saving or life-changing healthcare product.

Common objectives of Healthcare companies that we can help you achieve:

As you grow, you may need to rethink the way your treasury operations are organized. Whether you’re just getting started, scaling globally or looking for efficiency through automation, we can advise you on treasury strategies to enable growth and meet your strategic priorities
When you get your infusions of cash, whether through funding rounds, an IPO, or internally generated cash flow, we can help you find a strategy for maximizing return for your operating cash to long-term investment portfolio
Healthcare companies are increasingly going public via traditional IPO or SPAC Merger. Preparing for this exciting company transformation requires a focused assessment of your organization, processes, systems and preparedness. We can help you develop a strategy for a confident IPO journey
With long development cycles and heavy upfront investment, healthcare companies will need to evaluate efficient capital raising strategies outside of an IPO. Whether you’re tapping the Investment Grade, High Yield or Private Bank and Bond markets, we can provide comprehensive financial advisory and execution services for you
The global nature of the healthcare ecosystem exposes many companies to currency, rate and sovereign risks. Finding a banking partner that can provide you with risk management tools and strategies is critical. Our global presence, insights and cutting edge technology can help you navigate through these uncertain times
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