Our Solutions for Digital, Technology & Communications Companies

Technology never stands still. Consumer expectations are changing rapidly and becoming more demanding, innovative breakthroughs happen regularly, and our lives are becoming increasingly virtual – both by necessity and by desire. These combined pressures have resulted in an unprecedented advancement in technology; in less than a generation we’ve witnessed cloud technologies become mainstream, device connectivity become commonplace, and whole industries change their business models from the ground up. A company’s banking setup must be able to adapt equally as fast, or risk being left behind. At Citi Commercial Bank, we understand these enormous pressures to evolve, and we have the solutions that can help you keep pace in your changing world, so that your banking can actually become an enabler of your progress.

Our team of dedicated bankers around the world has a longstanding history of working with Digital, Technology and Communications companies across their life cycle – from early stage, fast growing start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. We can help you identify efficiencies in your payments and collections process, achieve seamless connectivity, access the necessary funding at each stage of your growth, and achieve returns on excess liquidity, supporting your global aspirations.  With our industry knowledge, network and solutions, you can spend less time on banking and more time on changing the way we live.

Common objectives of Digital, Technology & Communications companies that we can help you achieve:

As you scale your operations across multiple markets, we can support you with in-country accounts, global cash consolidation, real-time global visibility, and centralized funding that will help you navigate local market operating complexities. Citi has a long history of helping our clients expand internationally, and our global network of nearly 100 countries makes it easy for you to keep things under one roof as you grow
If you’re holding cash in different currencies or processing payments/collections in multiple currencies, let us help you find ways to mitigate your exposure risks
Digital, Technology and Communications companies often look for ways to avoid tying up precious working capital, and we can help you improve cash flow and optimize your cash conversion cycle. Additionally, when you get infusions of cash through funding rounds or standard business profits, we can help you find a strategy for maximizing return, even in a low interest rate environment
You can’t afford to spend time logging into your banking portal and manually managing payments and reconciliation. We’ll help you become more efficient through automation and by leveraging innovative technologies that will streamline your day-to-day processes
Your funding needs will grow with you. We can provide you access to the full suite of Citi financing solutions at each stage, for example by connecting you with the Citi Ventures team early on, providing standard bank lending in the middle stages, or helping you access the capital markets later on. Whatever your needs are, we will help you find the right capital structure and financing options for you during your whole journey
If an IPO is on your mind, we can share market trends and industry insights that can help you decide if going public is right for you, or when the right time is. When you’re ready, we can support you through the entire process, from preparation to execution
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