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Treasury and Trade Solutions

The needs of our clients’ are constantly evolving around the world. Treasury and Trade Solutions provides global solutions that can help clients drive their business forward while investing in innovation to bring new solutions to life.

Who We Are

As new technologies open up new opportunities for us to serve our clients, Treasury and Trade Solutions invests in innovation to bring new solutions to life by establishing a digital future through building on a strong legacy of innovation and a unique global network.
Learn how Treasury and Trade Solutions transformed a multinational technology company’s B2B marketplace by providing greater transparency into incoming payments received by merchants.

How We Help

Digital Channels & Data
Our award-winning CitiDirect® digital banking platform provides anytime, anywhere access to Citi’s global cash management and trade solutions and is fully integrated with our CitiConnect® direct connectivity solution. The two solutions work together seamlessly and provide …
With Citi's Payables solutions, you can initiate payments securely and efficiently thanks to our straight through processing capabilities. Our solutions give you access to information and integration with Treasury systems, to improve your cash flow forecasting.
Commercial Cards
Citi® Commercial Cards, with proprietary issuance capabilities in 100 countries, including local-currency programs in 66 countries, is a leading commercial card provider to large and multinational organizations. Our products help clients around the globe build core …
By taking advantage of new receivables solutions, corporates can better support sales initiatives that drive top-line revenue growth, while reducing manual processes, operational cost, and improving cash flow.
Liquidity Management Services
As a trusted banking partner with an on-the-ground presence in over 100 global markets, Citi combines the reach of its global network with innovative digital solutions that help clients optimize liquidity, maximize returns and increase efficiency.
Global Trade
Across our global network, Citi facilitates trade flows to help enable growth and progress for our clients and foster a more digital, inclusive and interconnected world.

Where We Help

Asia Pacific (APAC)
Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA)
Latin America & Mexico (LATAM)
North America (NAM)


Next Generation Treasury: Treasury’s Tech Transformation
Cloud technology, blockchain, 5G, robotic process automation and virtual reality are upending antiquated ways of working for corporate treasurers. As such, today’s treasurer is just as likely to be an expert coder or gifted engineer as they are an accountant or financial expert. But how does this new “breed” of corporate treasurer use new technology to best serve the companies they work for?
Banking Transformed: How Digital Treasury and Real-time Connectivity Are Revolutionizing Payments Processes in the U.S.
Digital transformation continues to sweep across the banking and payments industry, delivering critical treasury efficiency and cost savings. New technologies are resulting in real-time connectivity and instant payments, which are setting the stage for the next generation of payments processes in the U.S.
The Future of Connectivity: How the Interactions Between Corporates and Banks Are Rapidly Evolving
Emerging digital-ready business models are shifting the connectivity requirements between corporates and banks, as new technology solutions offer the promise of a better and more seamless experience. The concepts of open banking and banking-as-a-service are important drivers of the changes taking place today. The enhanced forms of connectivity advocated by these concepts are not exactly new, but now finally taking off. Central bank regulators around the world are helping to fuel this trend as the open banking market is projected to grow 24.4 percent to a value of $43.15 billion by 2026.



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