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Our clients are going through a period of tremendous change and Securities Services Insights delivers the breadth of ours global expertise to provide insights on current market and regulatory developments affecting their businesses.
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Is the securities services industry ready for digital assets?
Interest in digital assets has been growing among institutional investors and their service providers but what are some of the challenges that need to be overcome?
There’s Always a FinReg Angle Podcast
Stay up to date on the latest financial regulation news with Global Custodian's new podcast.
Redefining The Future Of Custody
The post-trade industry is undergoing a seismic technological transformation, a process which has dramatically accelerated over the last few years, and even more so during the pandemic. This is...
Emerging Technology Solutions for Cyber Defense
The use of emerging technology can help augment a firm’s cybersecurity program
Fundamentals of an Intelligence-led Approach to Cyber Security
The risk of cyber attacks is growing and having an intelligence-led approach is critical to anticipate new threats.
Understanding ETFs
This playbook highlights some of the unique aspects of the ETF market, along with the changes you may need to make to your operations in order to supports ETFs.
Maximising Potential Through Strategic Partnerships
Consolidation and multi-production partnerships are sweeping through the industry as banks and brokers look to reduce the number of sub-custodian relationships they maintain and broaden the range...
Adapting to a Changing World - Data as a Differentiator
The securities services world is changing. While the adoption of innovative real-time data tools and analytics was happening well before COVID-19, the pandemic has accelerated the pace of...
Embracing Change In A New World
COVID-19 could have been a major crisis for custodians, but this risk was avoided thanks to a combination of digitalisation, flexibility and a transformative approach towards risk management.
How to Launch a UCITS
This playbook will help you understand the key elements of UCITS and the important considerations you’ll need to think about to establish a UCITS fund.
Asia Puts Its Foot on the Gas
COVID-19 acted as a catalyst for digital transformation, with Asian regulators introducing emergency measures to ensure capital markets continued functioning normally, including allowing the...
The Challenges and Opportunities of Merging Operations
A major challenge of any asset manager merger is combining the front-office operations and back-office functions to create an operating model that can support the firms' ambitions.
How to Launch
Expanding your product offering often involves entering uncharted territory. Whether you’re considering a new market or launching a new product, it’s helpful to have a guide.
Defining a Cyber Risk Management Strategy
Taking a holistic approach to cybersecurity can help firms deal with the increasingly complex environment.
How to Launch a European ETF
This playbook will help you understand the dynamics of the European ETF market and the important considerations you should consider when establishing a European ETF
Enabling Digitalization in Europe
Europe is looking to create a regulatory framework to support the growth of digital assets
Building a Successful Merger Through Operations
While achieving operational excellence is almost never the driver for consolidation, it is the foundation that makes many other strategic objectives possible.
How to Convert a Mutual Fund to an ETF
This playbook highlights some of the considerations when converting a mutual fund to an ETF, along with the changes you may need to make to your operations.
A World of Opportunity: Evolving the Digital Asset Ecosystem
Increasingly institutional investors are looking to invest in digital assets and create new opportunities for their clients. As digital assets become more mainstream, the investment ecosystem,...
How to Establish a Securities Lending Program
As firms’ profit margins are under pressure from changing customer preferences, rising costs, and increasing regulatory requirements, securities lending can provide an additional source of revenue.
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