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Markets provides world-class solutions and an unmatched global presence. We serve corporates, institutional investors and governments from trading floors in almost 80 countries. The strength of our underwriting, sales and trading and distribution capabilities span asset classes and currencies, providing us with an unmatched ability to meet the needs of our clients.

What We Offer

Commodities delivers customized, innovative solutions for clients, helping them manage uncertainty due to market volatility.
Rates is a market maker in sovereign and agency securities, interest rate derivatives, structured notes and secured financing.
Equities offers execution, liquidity and idea generation to our clients, focusing on trading a suite of products that span physical shares, ETFs, synthetic shares and baskets, options and other derivatives.
Spread Products
Global Spread Products provides capital to our clients through liquidity and innovative solutions across the credit, municipal and securitized markets.
Foreign Exchange (FX)
Foreign Exchange seamlessly operates in 130 currencies and approximately 80 countries. With leading expertise and unique insight, the FX team positions clients to participate in markets across the world.


Good Things Happen Episode 3: Innovation
“Innovation” can sometimes feel like an overused buzzword favored by the likes of startups. But more and more, multinational companies are infusing their organizations with teams focused on looking ahead  to solve the biggest problems facing their industries. But how do companies with offices around the  world and a workforce that numbers in tens of thousands take a nimble approach and embrace a startup mindset?
Investing for Outcomes: Why Impact Is Relevant Beyond Impact Investing
The recent flow of funds into ESG0-type financial products has prompted investors beyond the impact investing space to consider impact and try and understand its boundaries. Impact investing goes beyond ESG investing as the investment must not only target impactful activities, but also be impactful in and of itself. This sounds simple, but there is a big debate on how to measure impact as well as the ways in which an investment can be impactful.
Industrial Tech & Mobility: A Tale of Three Themes
A new report by Citi Research’s Martin Wilkie takes a closer look at the big three themes driving the industrial tech & mobility super sector- namely Decarbonization, Digitalisation and Automation.


May 09, 2022
SPACE: The Dawn of a New Age
March 25, 2022
Citi's 9th Annual Digital Money Symposium
Citi's 9th Annual Digital Money Symposium
31 March 2022
The Future of Money
12 January 2022
We Won’t Get Fooled Again: How to Look at U.S. Midterms
13 January 2022
Citi's 9th Annual Digital Money Symposium
31 March 2022 ・ 8:00 GMT - 17:00 GMT
Citi's 9th Annual Digital Money Symposium
We are delighted to invite you to save the date for Citi's 9th Annual Digital Money Symposium.



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