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Markets provides world-class solutions and an unmatched global presence. We serve corporates, institutional investors and governments from trading floors in almost 80 countries. The strength of our underwriting, sales and trading and distribution capabilities span asset classes and currencies, providing us with an unmatched ability to meet the needs of our clients.
What We Offer
Commodities delivers customized, innovative solutions for clients, helping them manage uncertainty due to market volatility.

The team’s state-of-the-art investment strategies help optimize our clients’ working capital and enable them to raise strategic financing. Our leading insights, strong market-making capabilities and global reach make us the counterparty of choice for clients looking to innovate in both physical and financial commodities.

Rates is a market maker in sovereign and agency securities, interest rate derivatives, structured notes and secured financing.

We are a primary dealer in government securities across multiple jurisdictions and is a global liquidity provider across secondary markets. Derivatives trading platforms transact in linear and non-linear strategies, ranging from vanilla to customized products and support our clients in managing their interest-rate exposures or express market views.

Equities offers execution, liquidity and idea generation to our clients, focusing on trading a suite of products that span physical shares, ETFs, synthetic shares and baskets, options and other derivatives.

Cash Equities enables access to markets through Citi’s framework of technology and trading services that extend across traditional sales traders, program trading and electronic trading capabilities.

Prime Finance provides major hedge funds and asset managers with optimized financing solutions.

Derivatives Markets offers equity options, equity swaps, warrants, structured notes and futures on individual securities, as well as customized indices and baskets.

Exchange-traded Derivative Markets and OTC Clearing executes on all major futures exchanges and multi asset coverage across Equities, Fixed Income, FX and Commodities.

Spread Products
Global Spread Products provides capital to our clients through liquidity and innovative solutions across the credit, municipal and securitized markets.

The group’s activities include origination, structuring, investing, lending and market making across products including corporate and emerging market bonds, asset backed and mortgage backed securities, collateralized loan obligations, municipal and agency securities, short term interest rate products, loans, letters of credit and derivative instruments. The team also provides underwriting, secondary trading, securitization, project financing, warehouse lending, commercial, residential and affordable housing financing.

Foreign Exchange (FX)
Foreign Exchange has led the industry for over 200 years, providing insights and access to local markets across the world and supported by award-winning technology that enables us to deliver execution in 130 currencies.

Whether hedging currency cash flows, managing international investments or actively expressing market views, our clients benefit from our unmatched geographic reach and coverage, industry-leading e-execution platforms and our comprehensive suite of risk management tools to fulfill their FX and local market needs.

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