Issuer Services

Issuer Services is a part of Citi Institutional Clients Group that supports the issuance and administrative needs of global institutional clients through two key business segments, namely Agency & Trust and Depositary Receipt Services. We are a leading provider of transactional services with a unique blend of experience, global reach and superior services.


Depositary Receipts Overview
Citi Depositary Receipt Services is a leader in bringing issuers to global capital markets and in promoting depositary receipts (DRs) as an effective capital markets tool. Citi began offering DRs in 1928, and today is widely recognized for providing issuers with its powerful global platform, facilitating access to a global network that issuers can use to build and grow their DR programs.
A&T Overview
Agency & Trust (A&T) is a leading provider of corporate trust services. We offer a full range of agency, fiduciary, tender and exchange, loans agency and custody, and depositary and escrow services to a wide array of financial institutions, corporate clients and public sector entities in both established and emerging markets. Globally, we administer approximately $8.5 trillion assets under trust, supporting over 3,100 clients.
Escrow and Specialized Agency
Agency & Trust supports the execution of capital markets activities and commercial transactions such as mergers and acquisitions, trade transactions, project financings and corporate loans. A&T acts as an independent third party agent providing escrow, account bank, safekeeping and other services to help reduce counterparty risk and meet agreed upon transaction objectives. Our high quality service model can support a wide array of transactions large and small and simple to the complex and our expertise, talent, global presence, and technology platforms provide innovative and value-added solutions to support your transaction needs.
Depositary Receipt Programs
Citi Depositary Receipt Services is committed to providing issuers with access to a comprehensive suite of value-added resources, including a combination of global reach and local expertise to grow their DR program. To learn more about Citi Depositary Receipts and the products we offer, please visit
Bond Holder Information Center
European Bond Programs

To exchange, transfer or convert your Bonds, please follow the link below to download the applicable forms, ensuring the correct form is used for the direction in which the transfer is to be processed.
Structured Finance
Agency & Trust provides global corporate trust and collateral administration services, using state-of-the-art technology for deal execution, trust administration, securities analytics, tax and investor reporting, for ABS/MBS, CLOs, Repacks and other structured finance transactions in the securitization markets, delivering solutions across virtually every asset class and securitization strategy across the globe. Investor Reporting for Structured Finance is Citi® Agency & Trust’s online tool providing timely and easy access to deal information for investors and other interested parties in the structured finance markets. The Citibank, N.A. legal vehicle possesses the financial strength and short/long-term NRSRO credit ratings to support all ABS and MBS issuance.
Global Depositary Notes (GDN)
Citi is an industry pioneer first to offer global depositary notes allowing sovereigns and corporates a way to expand its emerging market debt securities to investors.
Agency & Trust offers a comprehensive suite of agency and fiduciary services to support the issuance of debt in both domestic and international markets supporting transactions such as warrants/structured notes, exchange traded funds (ETFs), liability management, commercial paper (CP), certificates of deposit (CD), long-term debt (corporate and sovereign) and medium-term notes (MTN). A&T has been servicing CP and CD programs for over 30 years and is ranked as a top provider for IPA. We support nearly 300 programs for financial, corporate, and public sector clients.

CitiActions M&A Portal

Agency & Trust’s dedicated M&A team brings expertise and specialized knowledge to your transaction and our CitiActions M&A portal brings simplicity and efficiency to your transaction.


AFME and IMN Annual Global ABS

13 - 15 June 2023

AFME and IMN Annual Global ABS

13 - 15 June 2023
AFME and IMN Annual Global ABS
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