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Commercial Bank

We help mid-sized companies with revenues starting from $10MM USD address the challenges of rapid growth and international expansion by rationalizing complicated legacy setups or allowing you to avoid them altogether, so that you can scale faster and grow larger.

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Who We Are

Citi Commercial Bank is here to turn banking into an enabler of your progress, rather than an obstacle to your success.

As mid-sized companies develop their businesses and enter new markets, they encounter increasingly complex challenges to their financial flow. Fragmented banking setups across multiple providers will magnify the problems and slow you down. But with the right solutions, you can use banking to improve your efficiency and unlock your full potential.

Citi has 200 years of experience guiding all types of clients from a variety of sectors through this journey, so we can tailor our solutions to address industry-specific nuances, whether you are faced with one, multiple, or all of the challenges listed below.

How We Help

Simplify Incoming Receivables & Reconciliation
Customers are more numerous and more global, and they expect to pay in their preferred currencies and formats, often on credit, leaving you with working capital gaps, the burden of reconciliation, and FX risks
Reduce Reliance on Multiple Providers & Formats
Bank network limitations and country regulations usually require you to establish a web of multiple partners, platforms, and tokens, which in turn requires more time and resources to manage
Improve Visibility & Unlock Trapped Liquidity
As you establish more accounts over time, your cash will become more and more dispersed, potentially across multiple geographies, which leads to difficulties with visibility and currency exposure
Choose the Right Funding for Your Operations
As a growing company, you’ll need access to sustainable funding to keep your operations going, and you have a multitude of options to consider. International business also calls for cross-border financing, which can become complicated
Minimize Payment Costs and Currency Risks
Payments now need to go out more frequently and in new currencies, which means balancing supplier demands vs. expensive wires or multiple currency accounts, adding to the cost of doing business
Untangle Complicated Trade Flows & Documentation
The varying needs between buyers and sellers has the potential to create funding gaps for one or both parties. Trade documentation with payment terms becomes more important, and more plentiful

Where We Help

United States
Asia Pacific
Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA)
Latin America and Mexico


Healthcare IPOs: Treasury's Role Before the Bell
Life Sciences companies are unique not only in how quickly they scale, but also how early they go public in their life cycle. Listing on a stock exchange is usually a momentous milestone for a business, and for months leading up to it, attention understandably turns almost exclusively to the IPO process, investor roadshows, and ringing the opening bell. What often gets overlooked is the importance of an automated, efficient treasury setup. Getting this right not only delivers a major boost for a healthcare company’s operations in general, but in many cases is necessary to meet the increased expectations and scrutiny that comes with being a public entity.
You've Raised the Funds, Now What?
Fast-growing, VC-backed companies in sectors such as technology, e-commerce, life sciences, and emerging mobility focus heavily on raising capital to support their rapid expansion, but often put an investment strategy for this new influx of cash on the backburner. When funding comes in big rounds – as it usually does for these industries – even the smallest return can make a big difference.
When Assessing Exposure, Don’t Forget the Power of Politics
When companies do business in international markets, it is essential that they understand the potential impact that geopolitical events can have on their exposures and activities. Economic performance and policy variables are often given priority, as they can heavily influence currency movements. We saw this in 2021, when the COVID-induced surge in inflation necessitated responses from central banks, which in turn had predictable impacts on currency markets. But companies should also be careful not to forget the sway of geopolitics, especially as 2022 opens with uncertainty over Russia and several consequential elections throughout the year. Companies that account for these political factors can plan for the best strategies and solutions to protect themselves.


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