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Citi Commercial Bank provides global banking solutions to mid-sized companies that are looking to grow rapidly and expand internationally. With our global network, comprehensive solutions, and industry expertise, we help these businesses succeed across a wide variety of industries and at most stages of their growth.

Who is Citi Commercial Bank?

In this short video,Tasnim Ghiawadwala, Global Head of Citi Commercial Bank, Jackie Callaway, CFO of Coats plc, and Emily Watson, Director of Payments and Global Banking at Flywire, talk about how Citi helps mid-sized companies to expand internationally.

Citi Commercial Bank is here to turn banking into an enabler of your progress, rather than an obstacle to your success.

Industry Insights

Citi Commercial Bank is please to share its first Industry Insights Report.

A few months ago we launched our Industry Insights Survey and over 500 business leaders, from companies in different sectors and geographies, took part sharing their views on the business landscape, their priorities and challenges. 

This report illustrates the findings and gives insights on what the data tells us from our industry sector leads.


How Citi Commercial Bank Helps

Citi Commercial Bank works with many clients across a wide variety of industries and has identified some of the major objectives that mid-sized organizations look to achieve when elevating and expanding their business. See how we can help with each objective below.
Simplify and/or consolidate your global banking operations
With each new account, product, bank, and country, your financial complexity increases. We can help to reduce the time you spend managing your banking by centralizing visibility and control.
Optimize your trade flows
The management of international trade can become manual and time consuming as your counterparties grow. We can help you to simplify and digitize your trade flows and maintain beneficial relationships with your suppliers and buyers.
Expand to new markets and/or do business abroad more easily
Doing business abroad can be complicated, costly, and daunting, especially at the beginning. We can grow with you as you enter new markets and help you find the optimum way to pay, collect, and hold foreign currencies.
Raise external funds for business growth
As your business expands, you will likely need to fund that growth with increasing amounts of external financing, and you may want to change the type and source through time. We can help you find the right option at each milestone.
Improve your working capital
When looking to boost to your working capital, we can help you find a suitable approach, whether by collecting and reconciling payments faster, extending your payment terms, or sourcing working capital loans.
Manage cash efficiently and/or maximize your returns
We can help you find the most efficient and innovative ways to manage your cash around the world and identify investment options that support your business objectives.

Where Citi Commercial Bank Can Help

North America

Asia Pacific

Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA)

Latin America and Mexico


Webinar - International Expansion Strategies for Mid-Market Businesses

11 October 2023

Webinar - International Expansion Strategies for Mid-Market Businesses

11 October 2023 ・ 10:00 - 10:50
Webinar - International Expansion Strategies for Mid-Market Businesses
Overcoming the challenges of entering new markets and cross-border business growth.


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