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Serving As One

We serve our clients in all major aspects of finance: Working Capital Management, Execution, Securities Services and Advisory and Capital Raising. Citi delivers a comprehensive set of products and solutions through an unmatched, worldwide proprietary network with a physical presence in 96 markets.

Our Clients

We provide a spectrum of financial services to our clients across the globe, partnering with corporations, financial institutions, institutional investors, governments and individuals to help find solutions and build a better future.

World-class solutions that are as diverse as the needs of our clients. With trading floors located in over 80 countries across America, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, we work around the clock to enrich the relationships, products, and technology that define our market-making presence. We partner with our clients to provide solutions, insights, liquidity and risk management support when and where they need it.
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Progressing As One
Innovation is the life-blood of every business if it expects to stay relevant and useful to its customers. This is a responsibility we all share at Citi Institutional Clients Group; sustainable success can only be achieved when we come together to work as one.
Cyclical Trade Has Further to Run, Citi’s Rahbari Says
Ebrahim Rahbari, global head of FX analysis at Citi, discusses the strength of the cyclical trade, U.S. rate volatility, and seeing a synchronous global recovery. He speaks on “Bloomberg Surveillance.”
Meet the Street
Mary Knobler from Oaktree Capital Management sits down with Citi's Markets Women representative, Jeff Panzo, to discuss the importance of diversity, sustainability, and connections in finance.
Citi wins 2021 “Leaders in Trade” Award for Resilience from Global Trade Review
In a challenging time for all involved in global trade, Citi is delighted to have been named the top bank for Resilience at the Global Trade Review (GTR) Leaders in Trade 2021 Awards.
Investment Themes in 2021
2020 was a year like no other. Normally that statement would invoke eye rolling and head shaking and grumblings about hyperbole and exaggeration. But 2020 is destined for the history books as an extraordinary year. Hopefully it will also be noted as a one-time event. The good news is we believe there is a light on the horizon with vaccinations starting to roll out and the worst economic scenarios forecast back in early 2020 failing to materialize.
Top Priorities for Treasurers 2021: Navigating the Fog in a Digital Age
2021 is expected to be a year of rapid improvement, with near-full GDP recovery anticipated by the end of the year. Share valuations suggest investors expect robust revenue and earnings growth. Compared to the immediate aftermath of the global financial crisis of 2007-2008, large companies have the liquidity and capital buffers to pursue a mix of investment, growth, M&A, and shareholder distributions relevant to their strategies. Needless to say, this varies by industry and geography, with smaller companies typically more impacted.
Citi ranked #1 in Web Based Analytics in the Institutional Investor’s Global Fixed Income Research Poll
Citi ranked No. 1 in Web Based Analytics in the Institutional Investor’s Global Fixed Income Research Poll. This milestone marks the second consecutive year that Citi has received this designation. In the survey, taken by buy-side clients, Citi Velocity swept first place across every region, account type, AUM bucket and voter role, including PMs, Analysts, Strategists and Senior Management.
The Digital Transformation in IT and Business Process Outsourcing Services
In their recent deep-dive report, Citi’s Ashwin Shirvaikar and the global IT Services Research team explore the digital transformation mega-trend within IT and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Services. The team hosted or participated in 20+ events to discuss this trend with companies, industry experts, consultants, and private equity investors. We summarize their key findings – focusing on talent-related risks, the work-from-home trend, and ESG.
Citi Continues to Support Recovery Efforts
Citi and Citi Foundation reached over $100 million in commitments for COVID-19 Community Relief and Economic Recovery Efforts
2020 TCFD Report: Our Climate Risk Disclosure
As the world's most global bank, Citi must play an important role in addressing the climate crisis and financing the transition to a low-carbon economy. A key aspect of enabling this transition is understanding and disclosing the potential impacts of our business on the climate, as well as the potential impacts of climate change on our business.
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