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Citibank® Travel Card

The most widely accepted travel card in the world also offers you the most comprehensive and flexible information about your card transactions. That is because we understand knowing when, where and how much your organization spends gives you more control over your travel-related expenditures – and provides valuable negotiating power for dealing with your vendors.

At Citi, we deliver the details you need – from line-item and folio-level details to consolidated global transaction data…and everything in between. With access to this level of information, you can look beyond the details…to simplify travel expense management and speed decision-making. Better yet, Citibank’s advanced technology and online management and reporting tools are all backed by our best-in-class customer service.

Data Management and Reporting
A host of information management solutions seamlessly integrates with your financial systems, making it easier for government organizations in particular to comply with local regulations. Plus, all public sector organizations will have the ability to monitor and enforce card usage policies and better understand spending patterns for improved negotiations with vendors, with:

Ongoing Consultative Support
A dedicated account team will create a program to meet your needs, or re-engineer and expand an existing one. Plus, your cardholders will enjoy round-the-clock access to knowledgeable customer support from anywhere in the world.

Unrivaled Benefits
An industry leader, Citi offers value-added features and benefits that surpass standard travel card programs:

  • Authorization controls for managing spending at the organization and cardholder levels, including limits on transactions, cash access and vendor selection
  • Enhancements, such as the declining balance feature, as well as an integrated phone card and event spending management solutions
  • Fraud detection system that monitors cardholder account activity
  • Travel accident, primary car rental and lost luggage insurance, as well as travel and emergency assistance